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Gran Turismo 5
The renewed B-spec mode, where you give commands as a team director to level up your drivers.
Create a "My Driver"

Create a "My Driver"

To play the B-spec mode, you must first create your personal "My Driver". You can select their name, racing outfit, and ability pattern.

As your B-spec level increases, you will be able to make a second driver, third, and so on, and have a team of drivers at your disposal.

Entering Your Personal "My Driver" in a Race.

Driver Selection Screen
Commands During Races
Leveling up the Driver
Driver Selection Screen
Each driver is unique, and their physical and mental strengths as well as their personality will vary.
Commands During Races
During a race, you can give commands such as "increase pace" "Pit in", etc. to your driver according to how the race is going.
Leveling up the Driver
Even a novice driver who isn't able to win races in the beginning will improve as they keep participating in races, gaining better driving skills. However once past their peak, their abilities will start to decline, and at some point in time you will have to retire the driver.
Racing Your "My Driver"s Between Friends for Experience
Making Your Driver Public
Set your "My Driver" to "Share with Friends" to enable that driver to compete with the "My Driver" of your friends on PlayStation®Network (PSN) in a Remote Race.
Hosting Remote Races

Select the "My Drivers" of you and your friends that are set public. Once a race set is created the race will begin automatically. This is called "Remote Racing".

After completion of the race, all "My Drivers" that participated in the remote race will gain experience. You can race your "My Drivers" against your friend's drivers in this way to gain experience.

* To host a remote race, it is necessary to sign into the PlayStation®Network.

Gran Turismo Anywhere - Host races even when away from home

Remote races can be started from the official website, and you can even check the progress and results of the race.

Whilst on the move or away from home, you can check the live race text feed, confirm race results and even set and start new remote races. A whole new way to enjoy Gran Turismo has arrived.

*This feature enables the remote operation of Gran Turismo 5 from a web browser, and requires Gran Turismo 5 to be running on the PlayStation®3 system displaying the remote race screen in the "Server Standby Mode".

Play to Match Your Lifestyle

The contents of the races that need to be cleared in both A spec and B spec are mostly the same. If you clear one or the other, the game will reach the same ending. Note that you can of course clear both paths if you wish.

In Gran Turismo 5 you can interact with the game as either a driver, or as a racing team director. You can enjoy "Life" in a way that matches your skill or lifestyle

*Please note that screens are from the development (English) version of the game.