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Opening of the Nations Cup 2020/21 Exhibition Series – Season 1

From 26 August to 31 October, we will be hosting the Nations Cup – Season 1 of the ‘FIA Gran Turismo Championships’ 2020/21 Exhibition Series. The ranking is based on an effective points system: the final score will be tallied from the best 5 Rounds out of the total 10 Rounds.

Additionally, no ‘Top 16 Superstars’ races will be held for the 2020/21 Exhibition Series – Season 1.


Starting from Season 1 of the 'FIA Gran Turismo Championships' 2020/21 Exhibition Series, the race schedule, entry times, and number of race entry slots will change. Please refer to the ''FIA Gran Turismo Championships' Schedule Change Notice' article for further details.

For Season 1, the event days, entry times and number of race entry slots are as below.

■ Race Schedule and Entry Slots (Oceania Region)

・Rounds 1-5: on Wednesday, at 18:00 , 19:20 , 20:40 , 22:00 , 23:20 AEST (5 races in total)
・Rounds 6-10: on Saturday, at 17:00 , 18:20 , 19:40 , 21:00 , 22:20 AEST (5 races in total)

As in previous championships, at the end of each Season players will be selected for 'Star Player' registration and "Victory Bonuses" will be distributed in-game according to the results.

Please note that competition schedules and regulations may still be subject to further changes.

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