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Vision Gran Turismo

Announcing the Italdesign EXENEO Vision Gran Turismo

On 21 February 2023, the 'Italdesign Vision Gran Turismo' will be coming to Gran Turismo 7 through Update 1.29. Based in Moncalieri (Italy), Italdesign is a prestigious design company world-famous for its many iconic car designs. The ‘Italdesign Vision Gran Turismo' will be the first Vision Gran Turismo from the company as it celebrates its 55th anniversary this year.

The Italdesign EXENEO Vision Gran Turismo features a specially designed crystal sphere cockpit developed 'around the driver' and comes powered by a powerful V10 mid-engine and electric motor hybrid system.

Uniquely, the car will be offered in two styles. In addition to the 'Street Mode,' an 'Off-road Mode' model featuring a higher ride height and larger tyres will also be available.

Vision Gran Turismo is a project in which the world’s leading automotive brands design new sports cars for Gran Turismo players. For more information on Vision Gran Turismo, please visit the 'Vision Gran Turismo' page on the official website.