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Gran Turismo PSP®

PSP™ version of Gran Turismo Announced

On Tuesday, June 2nd at the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) held in Los Angeles, California, the PSP™(PlayStation®Portable) exclusive software Gran Turismo was announced. It is expected to hit retail stores on Thursday, October 8, 2009 in Japan. (October 1 in North America / Europe)

Gran Turismo for the PSP™ is a fully specced Gran Turismo that can be played on the PSP™. With over 800 cars, 35 courses with 60+ layouts planned, the game provides a complete Gran Turismo series experience in both volume and game design.

In addition, there are features of the game that fully utilize functionality only available on the PSP™, such as Ad hoc multiplayer races and trading/sharing of cars, enabling you to explore a whole new range of communication through Gran Turismo.

* We are also distributing a high resolution version of this movie in Gran Turismo TV within Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. This will also be made available soon through the PlayStation®Store.

Product Data (As of June 3, 2009)

Title Name
Gran Turismo

Real Driving Simulator


Release and Distribution Date
Planned for Thursday, October 8, 2009 in Japan (October 1 in North America / Europe)

Suggested Retail Price / PlayStation®Store Price

Under review

Game Overview
Full spec game design
・Over 800 cars (over 4,500 color variations)
・35 courses, 60 layouts

New communication methods only available on the PSP™
・Ad hoc functionality allows multiplayer races and trading/sharing of cars

A variety of game modes
・Single Player Mode
You can select your favorite car and the course, and race against AI cars. You can also challenge time trials and drift trials.

This is a mode in which you challenge over 100 missions where you experience cornering, braking, and all types of techniques required for sports driving.

It is possible to purchase cars with the credits you acquired from the Arcade and Missions. The car lineup will change depending on your play time.

・Ad hoc multiplayer mode
You can play against 3 other players (4 total). You can also trade and share cars you’ve acquired with friends, to try to complete your collection of over 800 cars. There are some cars that you can only gain by trading.