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'GTWS 2022 Manufacturers Cup - Season 2, Round 2 Points Voidance & Championships Overview Page Update

It came to our attention that a small number of players were abusing the penalty system in the GT1 League during Round 2 of the Manufacturers Cup - Season 2 held on Saturday, 20 August. In response, the GT7 Sport Mode Operations Team has set the individual points of all players found to have abused the system in Round 2 to '0.'

■ Sanctioned Players

 - Certain players from Asia-Oceania Region
 - Certain players from the Americas Region

Furthermore, we have set the Global Manufacturer Ranking Points to '0' for Round 2 for all manufacturers in the Asia-Oceania and Americas regions.

It is strictly prohibited to use modified save data and game exploits, as well as unsportsmanlike behaviour, in the Gran Turismo World Series. We have updated the 'Forbidden Actions' section listed in the ‘Gran Turismo World Series 2022 Overview’ > ‘7. POINTS OF CAUTION’ as follows:

Forbidden Actions
- It is forbidden for a competitor to simultaneously participate in the same Championship and Season with multiple accounts.
- It is forbidden to participate using another person's account for PlayStation®Network.
- It is forbidden for a competitor to intentionally support another player during a race where they are not part of the same team.
- It is forbidden for a competitor to exploit unintended gameplay mechanics and issues found in the software in order to gain any type of advantage.
- Unsportsmanlike conduct.

If players are found to be engaging in such forbidden activities, they will be dealt with accordingly, including but not limited to being banned from the Championships.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping deliver a fair and fun experience for all players.