Logitech® G G923 Racing Wheel (G923) Compatibility Notice

PlayStation®4 system software update 10.50 and PlayStation®5 system software update 23.01-07.00.00, released on 8 March 2023, contained connectivity fixes for the Logitech® G G923 Racing Wheel (G923). As a result, the G923 should now function as normal, and certain players may experience some differences in the force feedback and vibration effects.

In Gran Turismo 7, the force feedback effects are output using the G923’s ‘TRUEFORCE’ function to replicate car engine vibrations and wheel slip vibrations. If you experience any excessive or loud vibrations, then please adjust the in-game settings from ‘Options’ > ‘Controllers’ > ’Vibration Function’ and change the ‘Vibration Strength’ to your preferred setting. (The ‘Vibration Strength’ is set to 100 by default.)

Furthermore, it is also possible to check the inputs of the connected steering controller and calibrate the sensitivity of the pedals from ‘Options’ > ‘Controllers’ > ‘Steering Controller Settings.’

If you continue to experience any issues, then please disconnect the steering controller entirely and reconnect it to the console.