Race Report

Spain's New Hero GG_PolUrra Takes Top Spot in Season 2!

Season 2 of the 'Gran Turismo World Series' 2022 Nations Cup got underway on the 12th of August.

The first round took place at the Autodrome Lago Maggiore, and produced a most unexpected winner—the Spanish youngster GG_PolUrra. GG_PolUrra had taken part in Online Series prior to this one, but had never managed to beat such a strong field of drivers before.

France's Aphel-ion scored a Season-best 467 points in Round 2, and things were heating up nicely as we approached the middle part of the Season.

Round 3 took place on the super-fast Spa-Francorchamps track. The race was won by GG_PolUrra, who scored 462 points and thus established a formidable lead at the top of the rankings.

Round 4 is often when a Season takes a turn, but GG_PolUrra was not for turning. He won the race with 457 points, emerging from the first half of the Season with a hugely dominant lead over his rivals.

Aphel-ion tried to come for GG_PolUrra in Round 5, but in the end the race was won by another Spaniard, ERM_NicoRD.

Round 6 was won by the mighty Italian driver Williams_Gio, who scored 441 points.

Round 7 was won by another new driver, the Hungarian veteran ROH-Fuvaros88—which meant that no one was able to put pressure on the top three. GG_PolUrra's grip on first place appeared to be as iron-clad as ever.

The final race of Season 2 took place on Trial Mountain—and all of the top three were notable by their absence. The race was won by Spain's coquelopez14, but this didn't have an impact at the top of the leaderboard. GG_PolUrra, who had utterly dominated the first four rounds, claimed the title for Spain.

Spain has produced a number of incredible drivers, including coquelopez1, TDG_JOSETE and ERM_NicoRD, and it looks like GG_PolUrra is going to be the next Spanish driving hero. Be sure to keep an eye out for him!

■ GTWS 2022 Nations Cup - Season 2
1st / Spain / P. Urra (GG_PolUrra) / 1831 Points
2nd / France / BSCOMP+ Aphe (Aphel-ion) / 1786 Points
3rd / Czech Republic / N. Moysov (ERM_Nick) / 1781 Points