‘TOYOTA GAZOO Racing GT Cup 2023’ Participation Reward Distribution Notice (28 August)

On 28 August, we distributed car tickets for a special ‘GR010 HYBRID’ 2023 livery and a 'Toyota GR Corolla MORIZO Edition '22' to all players who entered the online qualifying of the 'TOYOTA GAZOO Racing GT Cup 2023' by Round 7, as a participation reward.

These rewards can be claimed any time from now up until 14:59 (UTC) on 30 November.

■ How to Claim

- The Car Tickets labelled as 'A reward for entering the TGR GT Cup survey. Redeem a GR010!' and 'A reward for entering the TGR GT Cup. Redeem a GR Corolla!' can be found in the ‘Garage’ under ‘Gifts.’

Please note that players who entered up to Round 2 and redeemed the Car Ticket 'A reward for entering the TGR GT Cup. Compete in Round 3 with a GR010!' delivered on 25 May will not receive another ticket for the GT010.

The players who have made it through to the Grand Final of the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing GT Cup 2023 in November will be announced at a later date.

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition!