Race Report

Super-Talented Rookie PRiMA_Kylian19 Grabs a Second Consecutive Win for Subaru!

Season 2 of the 'Gran Turismo World Series' 2022 Manufacturers Cup got underway on the 13th of August with a race on Trial Mountain.

Porsche's TDG_JOSETE got off to a flier in the first round, claiming 471 points, while Toyota's ERM_Nick won the second round with 432 points.

TDG_JOSETE did it again in Round 3, top scoring with 456 points. But Subaru's rookie PRiMA_Kylian19—a driver who'd performed very well in the World Series Showdown—also managed to score 455 points, ensuring that things became pretty tight at the top of the table.

The wind now very much in his sails, PRiMA_Kylian19 took his fine form into Round 4, scoring a Season-best 459 points. But even this wasn't enough to get the better of ERM_Nick, who also managed to score exactly the same number of points.

The top-ranking drivers all struggled in Round 5, and none more so than TDG_JOSETE. In something of a turn up for the books, the race was eventually won by Subaru's ERM_AntonioSK.

Taking advantage of the top drivers' troubles, Honda's ace driver Williams_BRacer grabbed 452 points in Round 6, moving up the rankings in the process.

Round 7 was won by Nissan's V1_Gijs16, who scored 439 points. This was just one more than PRiMA_Kylian19, whose 438 points were enough to give him an advantage over his struggling rivals at the top of the leaderboard.

TDG_JOSETE was left hoping for a dramatic comeback in Round 8, the final Round, but he wasn't able to perform on the day. In the end, the Season 2 title was won by Subaru's PRiMA_Kylian19, continuing his success from Season 1.

PRiMA_Kylian19 didn't manage to massively outscore any of his rivals. Instead it was his consistency that won the day, as he avoided any fatally low scores and remained competitive in all rounds.

It had been a closely fought EMEA Season, and each manufacturer's ace drivers are sure to be out for revenge on PRiMA_Kylian19 next time around. It promises to be truly unmissable!

■ GTWS 2022 Manufacturers Cup - Season 2
1st / Subaru / PRiMA_Kylian19 / 1804 Points
2nd / Toyota / N. Moysov (ERM_Nick) / 1781 Points
3rd / Porsche / J. Serrano (TDG_JOSETE) / 1779 Points