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Dominating the top 2 Positions, Nissan Takes Season 1 Victory Home Thanks to TRL_Fuvaros!
2018 Season 1: Manufacturers Series

The final Round of Season 1, determining the Manufacturer Series Champion for the EMEA Region, took place in a 15 lap race on the Interlagos Circuit.

With #4 TRL_Fuvaros (Nissan) immediately in the lead starting from a pole position, the tail-to-nose battle of cars began.

The TRL group is well known for their great skills, but #16 JIM_Giorgio57 (Ford) intended to give #4 TRL_Fuvaros a run for his money: on the final corner of lap 2, JIM_Giorgio57 took the opportunity offered by the slip stream behind #4 TRL_Fuvaros, successfully overtaking and placing himself at the head of the race.

However, this didn't last long as on turn 6 of lap 7, #4 TRL_Fuvaros retook the lead by overtaking from the outside.

The top group led by #4 TRL_Fuvaros all entered the pit on lap 8. Except #2 TRL_LIGHTNING (Nissan), who had made his pit stop one lap earlier, was able to raise its position from 4th to 3rd with a pair of fresh tyres. This placed the Ford in 2nd place between the two Nissan.

#16 JIM_Giorgio57 (Ford) cracked under the pressure and allowed #2 TRL_LIGHTNING to go ahead. Now Nissan had 2 cars at the top of the race.

But #16 JIM_Giorgio57 (Ford) was not about to give up: on lap 13, he entered the slip stream of the car ahead, and succeeded in taking 2nd place again on turn 1. Meanwhile, #2 TRL_LIGHTNING (Nissan) now in 3rd, begun to pay the consequences of the early pit, and started to fall behind due to the tyre wear.

#4 TRL_Fuvaros (Nissan) stayed well ahead of the battle for 2nd place, maintaining stable speed and properly managing his fuel consumption to keep the lead from pole position. He successfully achieved a pole-to-win, and brought the Season 1 title victory to Nissan.

1 Nissan TRL_Fuvaros A+ S 2937 - 2445 2781 5718
2 Nissan TRL_LIGHTNING A+ S 2754 2859 - 2488 5613
3 Mitsubishi Matty278 A+ S - - 2808 2779 5587
4 Mitsubishi JAdams2010 A+ S 1277 300 2751 2559 5310
5 Dodge RC_Zoky88 A+ S 2321 2708 2496 2341 5204
6 Nissan TX3_Alonen_28 A+ S 2609 - 2592 - 5201
7 Porsche rick-918-bmx A+ S 2782 2407 - - 5189
8 Chevrolet mclaren6 A+ S - 2448 1560 2605 5053
9 Ferrari mattu79 A+ S 2029 2592 2448 - 5040
10 Renault Sport Alexony94 A+ S - - 2518 2486 5004

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