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The 'World Tour 2020' Kicks Off in Sydney, Australia!

In 2018, Igor Fraga clinched the championship in dramatic fashion with a comeback still talked about to this day, and then in 2019, the calm and collected Mikail Hizal dominated the tournament with incredible speed in a driving masterclass. Now, the FIA Gran Turismo Championships, which has showcased fantastic racing and human drama since its inauguration, prepares to get underway for the third year.

The inaugural World Tour live event of the 2020 Series will be held on 15-16 February and hosted in the capital of the Southern Hemisphere, Sydney, Australia. This year’s campaign will kick off at Big Top Sydney, located in the retro amusement park, Luna Park Sydney.

50 of the best drivers from 18 countries who performed at last year’s World Finals will be returning to compete once more. As with previous World Tours, there’ll be a Nations Cup with individual competitors, and a Manufacturer Series, where manufacturer teams will go head-to-head. Former champions Igor Fraga and Mikail Hizal will not be competing at this tournament which opens the door for some surprises and the birth of a new hero!