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GT6 Updates

Update Details (1.07)

An update for Gran Turismo 6 has been released. The following is a list of the main features introduced:

Vision Gran Turismo
The “BMW Vision Gran Turismo” has been released. Experience the modern road racer created by the BMW design team, resurrecting the excitement and passion of 1970’s touring cars in present day form.

After the update has been installed, the car can be purchased from the [Vision GT] option within the [CARS] section in "My Home". Alternatively, it is also possible to obtain the car by completing a lap (regardless of the lap time) in the new Seasonal Event, available only for a limited time.

Adjustments to the Open Lobby
- [Endurance Race] has been added to the [Room Mode] option within [Basic Settings] of the "Event Settings" screen.
- [Tyre/Fuel Depletion] has been added to the [Time Trial Settings] options ("Off", "Normal", "Fast" or "Very Fast" can be selected).
- [Start Type] has been added to the [Qualifier Settings], [Time Trial Settings] and [Drift Trial Settings] when "Qualifier", "Time Trial" and "Drift Trial" are selected in the "Room Mode" option under [Basic Settings], allowing you to select from [Final Corner Start] or [Pit Start].
- When [Grid Start with False Start Check] is selected in [Race Settings], signal lights will be displayed as start indicators.

New features added to "Replay" and "Watch Race" modes
- Button controls can now be used to: Switch between "Full View" and "Live Timing"; to turn the "Driver List Display" ON/OFF; to switch the "Information Display" and to change the target car.
- The "Keyboard Switching Feature" has been added. A USB keyboard can be used to switch the "Information Display" and to change the view.

For more details on each of the above features, please refer to the online manual on