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Gran Turismo™ Sport

Introducing the 'Gran Turismo Sport' February Update: Adding 3 New Cars, including a FIA GT1 Championship winner!

Gran Turismo Sport will receive an update on the 27 February 2020.

The following is a list of contents included with Update 1.56:

1. The following 3 new cars, including a winning car from the FIA GT1 Championship, will be added.

Aston Martin DBR9 GT1 ’10 (Gr.3)

Fiat 500 1.2 8V Lounge SS '08 (N100)

Nissan 180SX Type X '96 (N200)

2. 7 new rounds will be added to 'GT League' events.

Beginner League
2 new rounds added to the 'FR Challenge'.

Amateur League
2 new rounds added to the 'Group 3 Cup'.

Professional League
2 new rounds added to the 'Lamborghini Cup'.

Endurance League
1 new round added to the 'X2019 Competition Endurance Series'.

There will be various other features, improvements and fixes implemented in this update. Please enjoy the continuing evolution of Gran Turismo Sport.