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GT Academy 2010 at Silverstone - Day 3


GT Academy

GT Academy 2010 at Silverstone – Day 3

Sunday was probably the toughest day of the competition so far, beginning with a 6.00am wakeup call for participants. They were taken to Silverstone's off-road experience area to be put through an extreme fitness test. Three ex-marines guided them through an assault course that would be tough at any time. In temperatures of less than two degrees, with driving rain, wind, mud and lots of water it became almost unbearable for some of the competitors. Mental and physical strength were pushed to the limits but all eight hopefuls made it through.

Super fit Jordan Tresson was first home. Luca Lorenzini brought up the rear but his grim determination to make it to the end, despite his exhaustion, was impressive.

Back on track, albeit a damp track, the eight continued to hone their car control with a drifting test in the rear wheel drive manual Nissan 370Z. The contestants enjoyed the pleasure of lapping Silverstone's National Circuit in the GT-R set up in race mode. The final, and perhaps most challenging, on-track session of the day took place in Silverstone's single-seaters on the newly redesigned Stowe Circuit. The GT Academy instructors assessed all activities to feed back to the judges.

The second elimination of GT Academy 2010 reduced the field to four. Jordan Tresson, Marco Calvo, Luca Lorenzini and Daniel Collins all progressing to the final two days of the Silverstone 'boot camp'. Italian Giacomo Cunial was extremely disappointed, having proved to be a fast competitor. However, he was quick to congratulate his fellow countryman and look to the future.