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SUZUKI Vision Gran Turismo

SUZUKI Vision Gran Turismo




Car Description

SUZUKI Vision Gran Turismo
Suzuki is one of a small number of manufacturers to produce both cars and motorbikes. First introduced 20 years ago, the GSX-R/4 sports concept was developed as the amalgamation of their 2 and 4 wheeled sports vehicles. It featured the high performance engine from Suzuki's 'Hayabusa' flagship sports bike mounted in the midship position on a lightweight aluminium framed car body. The GSX-R/4 has also appeared in previous Gran Turismo titles.
And now, the latest evolution of the Hayabusa engine returns together with Suzuki's latest developments in electrification and lightweight construction methods to produce the Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo.
The car is based on a front-engine, rear-wheel layout with the new Hayabusa 1,340cm³ (1,340 cc) engine located in a front-midship position. This is combined with 2 electric motors driving the front wheels and 1 driving the rear to produce an all-wheel drive layout. This combination of an engine and electric motors is able to produce a combined maximum power output of 318kW (426 BHP) and 610Nm (62 kgfm)/3000rpm maximum torque. This together with all of Suzuki's lightweight construction methods in a compact 970 kg 2-seat open body results in a super sports machine.
The exterior design combines the DNA of Suzuki's sporting heritage as represented by the Swift Sport with a long nose silhouette reminiscent of the classic Cappuccino. The interior design, similar to the GSX-R/4, has the aesthetics of a motorcycle frame and expresses the joy of driving in a modern pure sports fashion.
SUZUKI Vision Gran Turismo (Gr.3 Version)
This car is a Gr.3 version of the Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo, a lightweight sports car combining the sporting philosophies of Suzuki's 2 and 4 wheeled models. This model is a realisation of Suzuki's motorsporting prowess, extensively tuned to meet Gr.3 regulations.
The base Suzuki VGT uses the 1,340 cm³ (1,340 cc) Hayabusa engine linked to 3 high-power electric motors on an all-wheel drive powertrain. This Gr.3 version, however, has been changed to a simple front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout with a V8 twin-turbo powerplant comprised of 2 Hayabusa engine blocks for a total displacement of 2,680 cm³ (2,680 cc). In this form, the monstrous engine is able to produce a maximum 577.9 BHP at an astoundingly high 10,000 rpm.
Compared to the base model, the design aesthetics have been altered to achieve increased downforce, featuring an enlarged front spoiler as well as the addition of front and rear diffusers, a GT wing and air ducting on the bonnet. Additionally, use of carbon fibre parts across the car has greatly reduced its weight.
The car's livery is a vivid representation of Suzuki's passion for motorsports, featuring graphics using Metallic Triton Blue and Metallic Mystic Silver, the Suzuki motorcycle racing team colours.

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