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The FIA Gran Turismo Championships

The FIA Gran Turismo Championships, established in 2018, is a new form of motorsports created by Gran Turismo and the FIA (Fédération internationale de l'automobile).

Competitors from around the globe test their driving skills in the "Sport" mode of Gran Turismo Sport, with the best drivers given an opportunity to participate in international events such as the World Tours and World Finals. Those who are crowned champions of the World Finals will be invited to attend the FIA Awards Gala at the end of the year, and be awarded alongside other real-world motorsports champions of the same season.

The FIA Gran Turismo Championships consist of two categories: The Nations Cup, which is contested between countries and territories, and the Manufacturer Series, where automobile manufacturers battle each other for the title.

What to look out for in 2019

1Five Regional Divisions

The number of regions in the championships will be increased from last year, from three to five. The regional divisions now consist of Europe/Middle East/Africa, North America, Central & South America, Asia, and Oceania, allowing many competitors to compete closer to home.

2From the "Top 24 Superstars" to the "Top 16 Superstars" race

These special events limited to "Star Players" will be changed to "Top 16 Superstars." With the reduced field, you can expect to see races with even greater skills on display and more intense battles on the track!

3Watch the Exciting Battles on the Live Broadcast!

We will broadcast the World Tours and World Finals live around the world. The number and content of broadcast events will be significantly enriched compared to last year, so you can really feel like you're a part of the races in the comfort of your home.

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