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Hosting a Limited Time Event for the New Title, "GT Academy 2012"

The free distribution of the PlayStation®3 title "GT Academy 2012" that teaches you sports driving, starts on May 2, 2012. A limited time event will also start at the same time.

The "GT Academy 2012" is an entry level version of "Gran Turismo" that teaches you sports driving techniques through repeating simple challenges. It can be downloaded for free from the PlayStation® Store, and enjoyed by anyone.

In the game, there are 8 rounds that will open sequentially according to the calendar date, and by clearing the events within the rounds, you can step up and improve your skill. When you clear the events you will receive in-game trophies according to your time results, and if you attain a certain level of achievement in all events within a round, you will receive prizes that you can use within "Gran Turismo 5".
The events do not need to be cleared the first time. As you repeat the events to shorten your achieved time, you will start to pick up high level skills, like knowing what part of the track to drive, and how to turn the steering wheel in high speed situations.

Additionally in "GT Academy 2012", there are features that allow you to share your competitive challenges. The total number of participating players and the number of retries, cumulative mileage, and other information. are shown on the top menu in real time, and the number of gold trophies per region is shown on a rankings board. If you have friends through the PlayStation®3, you can send email through the game to get them to join in. You can compare your skill level with friends and on the national level, making the challenges even more exciting.

For further information regarding the "GT Academy 2012", please visit ''.

"GT Academy 2012" Overview
Distribution startMay 2, 2012 (Wednesday)
Event PeriodMay 2, 2012 (Wednesday) to June 25, 2012 (Monday) 07:00 CST