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Igor Omura Fraga Returns to the Japanese Racing Scene for the 2024 Season

Igor Omura Fraga continues his real-world racing career in Japan through the 2024 season. He returns for another year in the GT 300 Class of Super GT with ‘ANEST IWATA Racing with Arnage’, pairing up with Yuga Furutani.

Additionally, this season he will also be serving as a reserve driver for ‘PONOS NAKAJIMA RACING’ who will be competing in the highest level of formula racing in Asia, the Japanese Super Formula Championship. Fraga will be on the roster for all races in the Super Formula 2024 Series.

Fraga was the first ever Gran Turismo World Series champion (2018) and has also built up experience in real world mainly through international formula racing series. In 2023, he transferred to the Japanese racing leagues, competing in the Super GT’s GT 300 Class (ANEST IWATA Racing with Arnage) and the Super Formula Lights championship (FANATEC-GRAN TURISMO with B-MAX) where he entered every race of each respective series.

Look out for Fraga on the track again this year.

Race Calendar

Super GT 2024 Series
Rd.1 Okayama International Circuit 13-14 April
Rd.2 Fuji Speedway 3–4 May
Rd.3 Suzuka Circuit 1–2 June
Rd.4 Fuji Speedway 3–4 August
Rd.5 Suzuka Circuit 31 August & 1 September
Rd.6 Sportsland SUGO 21–22 September
Rd.7 Autopolis 19-20 October
Rd.8 Mobility Resort Motegi 2-3 November
Japanese Super Formula Championship 2024 Series
Rd.1 Suzuka Circuit 9-10 March
Rd.2 Autopolis 18-19 May
Rd.3 Sportsland SUGO 22-23 June
Rd.4 Fuji Speedway 20-21 July
Rd.5 Mobility Resort Motegi 24-25 August
Rd.6 & Rd.7 Suzuka Circuit 12-13 October
Rd.8 & Rd.9 Suzuka Circuit 9-10 November