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Gran Turismo®6

Best of Gran Turismo®

Fifteen years on from the launch of the original Gran Turismo®, the latest iteration, Gran Turismo®6, is set for release on 6 December. But while you look forward to the new features, cars, tracks and technology of GT6™, why not take a moment to reflect on Gran Turismo’s history and tell us your #BestOfGT moment so far.

The Real Driving Simulator was born back in 1998. The original Gran Turismo® for PlayStation® was the start of the most successful series in PlayStation history; one that would redefine the driving genre with ultra-realistic graphics and handling. Each subsequent version of the game improved on the last, with Gran Turismo®2 building on the core gameplay of the original and Gran Turismo®3 reaching new heights of realism when it was released in 2001 for PlayStation®2. Never afraid to try something new, Gran Turismo®4 included a B-Spec game mode which allowed players to move away from the driving seat and into the role of race manager, while a new social world was opened up when racing moved online with the Gran Turismo®5 Prologue on PlayStation®3. The full Gran Turismo®5 game in 2010 brought with it not only hundreds more cars, but enhanced 3D graphics and a brand new game engine, so it looked and handled better than ever.

With so much gaming heritage, every Gran Turismo fan has their own favourite car, track and memory. Maybe it was the perfect lap in your favourite supercar back on GT2™, your first online win in GT5™ Prologue, or the online race overtaking manoeuvre you pulled off with such flair last year that you still tell your friends about. Join us on Facebook and Twitter to share your #BestOfGT moment and perhaps you’ll feature in our upcoming ‘Best of’ video!

Meanwhile, GT6 is poised to create a whole new set of ‘Best of Gran Turismo’ memories. With a new physics model, improved aerodynamics, suspension and tyre simulation, and even more realistic 3D rendering, this will be the most true-to-life Gran Turismo yet. The game is yours to own from 6 December 2013, and you can pre-order now to get your hands on some exclusive in-game bonuses.