"Race Together," a New Event With Gran Turismo Sophy, Available for a Limited Time Only!

On February 20, Polyphony Digital and Sony AI announced the first global release of Gran Turismo Sophy (GT Sophy)—Sony's innovative AI racing agent. And, for a limited time only, players will be able to sample this breakthrough technology in new game mode called "Race Together" in Gran Turismo 7 on the PlayStation®5 console.

Developed in collaboration with Sony AI and Sony Interactive Entertainment in just one year, Race Together allows players of all levels and abilities the opportunity to go wheel to wheel against GT Sophy. They can challenge the autonomous racing AI agent in a series of four races increasing in varying levels of difficulty, from Beginner to Expert. In each of the races, players will compete against four GT Sophy cars with different performance levels. Those with exceptional skills can even challenge GT Sophy in head-to-head battles (1vs1) with identical car configurations and settings, showcasing GT Sophy's remarkable speed and driving skills.

Race Together also introduces a new emoticon feature that displays the emotions on the GT Sophy cars throughout the race to indicate how the racing AI is reacting to what is happening on the track.

Race Together is part of Update 1.29 and will be available until late March. We hope you will take this unique opportunity to jump on the track and race with GT Sophy!

How to Play "Race Together"

1. The event can be accessed directly from the Race Together banner on the top right corner of the World Map screen. Players must be at Collector Level 6 or above and have Update 1.29 installed.

2. On the Race Together main screen, four races are available. Each race features three difficulty levels from Beginner to Intermediate to Expert, and a "1vs1" mode in which players can test themselves against GT Sophy's expert racing skills. The GT Sophy official website can also be viewed from the button in the bottom left corner.

3. The new Race Together event will feature emoticons: These are displayed above the GT Sophy car's name or position indicator and act as an indicator of how GT Sophy is reacting to what is happening on track. A variety of emoticons are included enabling the AI to convey a wide range of emotions.

4. In 1vs1 mode, players can challenge the superhuman racing skills of GT Sophy with identical car configurations. Players can also view their friends' rankings, as well as the Top 10 Stars rankings, and see how their 1vs1 race times match up.