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Watch the "Olympic Virtual Series Motor Sport Event" - World Final on June 23!

The World Final of the "Olympic Virtual Series Motor Sport Event" will be broadcast on June 23 at 09:00 PDT.

This historic competition will feature 16 competitors who qualified through the Global Online Qualification - seven from the Europe/Middle East/Africa region, four from Asia, two from North America, two from Central & South America, and one from Oceania. On June 23, they will battle each other in three one-make races where they will earn points for best finishing order, as well as setting the fastest lap in a race and winning pole position. The player with the most points at the end of the day will be crowned the champion of the first ever Olympic Virtual Series Motor Sport Event. For more details, including broadcast times, competitor information, and race formats, please visit the special "Olympic Virtual Series Motor Sport Event" page.

It's truly a race to history as the best of the best in the world vie to become the inaugural Olympic driving champion.