This is the news headline for, the official site for the Gran Turismo game series. en The Gran Turismo 7 May Update: Three New Cars and More Tuning Options! 2023-05-24T21:00:00+08:00 Japanese Super Formula Lights: Igor Omura Fraga Gains First Points of the Season for Fanatec-Gran Turismo with B-MAX! 2023-05-22T21:30:00+08:00 Fanatec Named as the Official Steering Wheel Partner of the Gran Turismo World Series 2023-05-18T21:00:00+08:00 The Gran Turismo World Series 2023 Set to Begin! 2023-05-11T21:00:00+08:00 SUPER GT 2023 Round 2 at Fuji: Igor Omura Fraga Embarks on a Long Stint After a Tough Qualifying 2023-05-05T23:30:00+08:00 The Gran Turismo 7 April Update: Four New Cars Including the 2023 Super Formula! 2023-04-26T22:00:00+08:00 The Olympic Esports Series 2023 Motor Sport Event Starts on 27 April! Special Site Available Now 2023-04-24T18:00:00+08:00 SUPER GT 2023 Opening Round at Okayama: Igor Omura Fraga Makes His Super GT Debut! 2023-04-18T17:30:00+08:00 The TOYOTA GAZOO Racing GT Cup 2023! Participate to Receive a GR010 Hybrid 2023 Livery 2023-04-04T16:00:00+08:00 New Partnership Between Japan Race Promotion and Polyphony Digital, the SF23 To Be Added with April Update 2023-04-03T14:00:00+08:00