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Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo

Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo




Car Description

The "Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo" midship-engined 2-seater coupe was born from a collaboration between the Honda design team and Gran Turismo.
This is a true sports model that takes to heart the Honda corporate spirit of "doing it because it's fascinating," and pursues the fun of driving as well as authentic realism befitting the "real driving simulator," Gran Turismo.
The "Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo" was the winner of the global design competition. For further design refinements after the competition, designers from both Japan and the US had their input in the process, with each applying their own unique strengths into project. The design progressed globally, with the quarter model built in the US, and the modeling data and hardware decisions made in Japan. Staff from each region were closely connected in the process, and the designers enjoyed participating in the project.
The "Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo" brings to life the design direction of Honda, "Human Centered Design". This is a human-centric way of thinking that is brought to life in the package design, where the position of the passengers, engine, and tires determines the shape of the car’s structure. The proportions of the car that makes it look as though it is about to propel itself forward, the clean cut body and the powerful front and rear fenders that spreads wide with air intakes, and wheels that combine function and beauty; all these things that are expected of a sports car, are expressed in the strong sense of presence emitted by the car.
Carbon fiber is utilized in many parts of the body, achieving a weight of just 1,982 lbs. The 1,998 cc engine is mounted midship, and combined with an L4 turbo and DOHC-VTEC, it produces 404 HP at 7,500 rpm. This power is then efficiently transferred to the road through an 8-speed dual clutch transmission.
The aerodynamics simulations for the car of course involved wind tunnel testing, as it would be for a real life car. Through this process, the flow and exhaust of air passing through the body, underfloor, cabin, and engine room have been fully optimized.
The "Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo" is a car that exemplifies Honda's "Power of Dreams," and is a car that we believe is a true to life machine that can be enjoyed by many.

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