World Series

Story 2: Gran Turismo World Series 2023 World Finals - Who and What to Watch For

Countdown to the Gran Turismo World Series World Finals

Manufacturers Cup

Team Porsche
After an impressive win without its ace driver, Angel Inostroza, the two-man team of Jose Serrano and Takuma Sasaki bucked the odds and turned their disadvantage into a memorable win at the Word Series Showdown. The question is, can they carry this momentum into Barcelona?

Team Subaru
Takuma Miyazono and Kylian Drumont, joined by the reliable Roberto Sternberg, currently sits in 2nd place, it’s way too early to count out last year’s champions. And this team has a habit of coming from behind and snatching victory from the jaws of defeat!

Team Toyota
The perennial powerhouse is always a factor in the championships, thanks to its three very capable drivers of Coque López, Adriano Carrazza and Rikuto Kobayashi. Last year’s runner-up will be hungry to avenge their loss to Subaru, so watch this team to be extra aggressive in Spain!

Team Lamborghini
There are still some who wonder if Lamborghini’s surprise 3rd-place finish at the Showdown wasn’t a fluke; that the team of Will Murdock, Randall Haywood and Yuki Kodaka is the real deal. We’ll find out soon enough!

Because there’s a complete reset of points reset for the World Finals, a total dark horse like Team Nissan or Team McLaren may rise from the ashes and steal the championship!

Nations Cup

Team Spain
This team is stacked, consisting of two of the most exceptional drivers in the series—Coque López and Jose Serrano. They’re joined by the quick newcomer Pol Urra, which makes them a very formidable team to be sure.

Team Japan
Although not as experienced as some of the other teams, Japan possesses three drivers with perhaps the most raw talent in the field: Rikuto Kobayashi, Takuma Sasaki and Seiya Suzuki. They have the potential of not just beating the field, but doing so in dominating fashion!

Team Brazil
Led by 2019 Nations Cup champion Igor Fraga and joined by crafty veterans Lucas Bonelli and Adriano Carrazza, the Brazilians have the most complete and experienced team in the field. On paper, they may well be the favorites to take it all; however, we all know that races aren’t won on paper, but on the racetrack where anything can happen!

Team France
Despite a poor showing in the World Series Showdown, you can never count out a team that includes 2023 Olympic Champion Kylian Drumont. Then, throw into the mix experienced drivers Baptiste Beauvois and Thomas Labouteley, and you have a team that can beat anyone on any given day!

Like the Manufacturers Cup, any country can still claim the Nations Cup title because it all comes down to one last race—the points gained from the Showdown aren’t included in the series championship. Therefore, the stage is set for an exciting and memorable finale in Barcelona. Which country do you think will be crowned 2023 Nations Cup champion?

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