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Gran Turismo® Sport

How to Enjoy Fair and Fun Online Racing: Introducing the 'Sport Mode' of Gran Turismo Sport

There are many ways to enjoy Gran Turismo Sport, but the main stage for exciting racing is within its 'Sport Mode'. In the 'Sport Mode', you can enjoy online racing with other players according to a set of official regulations.

Here we will introduce two main races contained in this Mode:

Daily Races

These races can be called the mainstay of the 'Sport Mode'. A certain event is hosted every day for a set period of time, and is a great place to test your skill. You can enter the race as many times as you want to improve your record.

FIA Gran Turismo Championships

This is the main event of the 'Sport Mode', born from a partnership with the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile). Select your favourite brand and compete in the 'Manufacturer Series', or race in the 'Nations Cup' representing your home country. The championships are held in 3 regions, across Europe, America, and Asia. The top players of each region will be given an opportunity to participate in the World Final, to determine who is the best of the best.
The FIA Gran Turismo Championship does not just belong to the top players of the world. There will be live reports and broadcasts featuring their performances throughout the season. Discover your favorite driver and root for them as they compete for the top of the world.

The 'Sport Mode' contains many innovations in order to keep these races fair, and here we will explain some of its inner workings.

Advanced Match Making

To measure the skill of the players, we will be using two indexes, called the 'Driver Rating' (DR) and 'Sportsmanship Rating' (SR). DR indicates how fast a player is, and SR indicates how well-mannered they are during a race. 'Sports Mode' will match drivers of equal level together using these indexes, so that everyone can enjoy good races.

Balance of Performance (BoP)

To equalize advantages and disadvantages for each participating race car, some races include a Balance of Performance adjustment. In races implementing BoP, the maximum output and vehicle weight are adjusted automatically, so that no matter how many varieties of cars are participating in a single race, they will be able to race under equal conditions.

Car Categories

A large variety of cars are available so that anyone can discover the fun of driving. These cars are divided into categories, to clarify the groups of participating cars in a race.

The cars included in the game are divided into the following categories. The movie at the top of this article also gives an easy to understand introduction of these categories so please take a look.

Gr.N: Stock condition, commercially sold cars and concept cars. Depending on the power of the car, this class is further divided from N100 up to N1000 category.
Gr.4: These are race cars with basic race modifications, such as the addition of safety equipment and weight reduction. This is equivalent to the real world FIA GT4 class cars.
Gr.3: These are full-fledged race cars with full race modifications, including wider bodies and aerodynamic improvements. This is equivalent to the real world FIA GT3 class cars.
Gr.1: These are ultra-high performance race machines with specially designed bodies and engines. This class includes Prototype Sports cars of the real world.
Gr.B: These are rally cars modified for driving on dirt, with reinforced suspension and higher ride heights.
Gr.X: These are extreme vehicles that do not fit in any existing race category.