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Vision Gran Turismo

Introducing the Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo, a pure sports car powered by the Hayabusa engine

With Update 1.15 released earlier last week, the Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo made its much-anticipated debut on Gran Turismo 7 on May 26. The new car showcases Suzuki's expertise in both 2-wheel and 4-wheel products, highlighting the company's involvement in both motorcycles and automobiles. Only a handful of companies can lay claim in mastering the two genres, and fewer still can boast international racing success in both.

The Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo was developed as a unique all-wheel-drive super sports car that fused the company's motorcycle and automotive know-how. It's a 2-seat convertible employing a front-engine/rear-wheel-drive layout, making it the very definition of a roadster. There's also an electric motor in its drivetrain equation, meaning that this nimble sports car is a hybrid vehicle.

The gasoline engine comes in the form of the 1340-cc inline-4 lifted from the company's flagship sports bike, the Hayabusa. Electric drive is provided by three motors, two that power the front wheels and one that powers the rear. The combined total output is 318 kW (432 PS) at 9700 rpm with 610 Nm (62 kgfm) of torque.

Suzuki employed much of its racing technology in the construction of the car, using as many lightweight components as possible. As a result, the car weighs in at a lean 970 kg. As for the Suzuki VGT's styling, the car's low stance and flowing lines were inspired by the company's popular production sports cars, the Swift Sport and Cappuccino.

This isn't the first time Suzuki fitted its powerful Hayabusa engine into an automobile. In fact, the company used it to power the GSX-R/4, a mid-engine sports-car concept that was introduced in 2001.

The Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo brings back memories of that legendary show car, but updated with the latest technology. It's a pure sports machine for today's classic sport-car lover. We hope you enjoy this amazing sports car that blends the best of motorcycle technology in a sport-car body.

Look for a Gr.3 version of the car to make an appearance soon. It will no doubt raise this classic-sports-car formula to the next level.