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Vision Gran Turismo

BVLGARI Aluminum Vision Gran Turismo and Two 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Watches Unveiled at the World Finals 2023 in Barcelona

On December 3, the illustrious custodian of time, BVLGARI, graced the world with the unveiling of the striking BVLGARI Aluminum Vision Gran Turismo virtual concept car, an epoch-making event that unfolded during the immersive broadcast of the Gran Turismo World Series World Finals 2023.

The BVLGARI Aluminum Vision Gran Turismo, draws profound inspiration from the revered BVLGARI Aluminum watch of 1998, channeling its essence of elegance and innovation. Infused with the shared spirit of athleticism, intelligence, and necessity, this virtual creation embodies a harmonious blend of precision and superior craftsmanship.

The shapes, materials, colors, and the overall design language of the car are directly inspired by the spirit and combination of graphic lines of the Aluminum watch. The barchetta body style is an archetype of sportiness which expresses dynamic movement, lightness, and performance.

The epic collaboration between BVLGARI's Product Creation Executive Director, Fabrizio Buonamassa Stigliani, and the iconic Fabio Filippini, renowned for his influential role as the former Design Director of Pininfarina, served as the heartbeat behind the creation of this exceptional marvel!

The body design, an exquisite fusion of pure, geometric shapes pays homage to the rich Italian tradition of car design—oozing with creativity and brimming with character. It's a seamless integration of iconic elements that include a sporty three-spoke steering wheel and walnut dashboard, reminiscent of the glory days of 1960s and 1970s Italian concept cars from the legendary "Carrozzeria."

The result is a timeless masterpiece that's unique and undeniably Italian in its innovative conceptual spirit. Its expression of style and coolness transcends all the temporary fashions and short-term trends to affirm itself as a pure expression of BVLGARI DNA.

The BVLGARI Aluminum Vision Gran Turismo will be added to Gran Turismo 7 in 2024.

Presenting the BVLGARI Aluminum Gran Turismo Limited Models chronograph watches

Joining the BVLGARI Aluminum Vision Gran Turismo at the World Finals 2023 in Barcelona, Sapin, two BVLGARI Aluminum Gran Turismo Limited Models luxury watches also made their debuts.

This timepiece is a nod to the iconic BVLGARI Aluminum sports watch, which made its debut in 1998 and has since captivated enthusiasts with its revolutionary design. Retaining the sleekness and sophistication of its predecessor, the new chronograph features a striking yellow hue that pays homage to the dashboard dials of a legendary Italian gran turismo car from the 1990s. The vibrant color scheme instantly draws attention, adding a touch of flair to the timepiece.

The BVLGARI Aluminum x Gran Turismo Special Edition merges the robust yet lightweight nature of aluminum for the case with the flexibility of rubber for the BVLGARI-branded bezel. This fusion of sporty and innovative materials extends to the bracelet, which boasts articulated rubber links connected by aluminum rods, exuding a blend of durability and style.

Crafted with high-tech titanium, the crown and caseback offer exceptional strength and reduced weight, thanks to a black DLC treatment. These components proudly showcase the 10th Anniversary Vision GT logo, symbolizing a decade of excellence in design and craftsmanship.

Available in limited quantities, Bulgari introduces two distinct versions of the BVLGARI Aluminum x Gran Turismo Special Edition. The first variant features a yellow dial with black counters, limited to only 500 pieces. Meanwhile, the second edition showcases an anthracite dial with yellow indices and a larger release of 1200 pieces.

In a move marking a milestone since its relaunch in 2020, the BVLGARI Aluminum collection introduces a groundbreaking homage to speed enthusiasts through its integrated tachymetric scale. Crafted meticulously by Bulgari's integrated manufacture, this timepiece's engine, the automatic Calibre B381 with chronograph functionality, stands as a testament to precision and is tailored perfectly for timing thrilling races.

Purchasers of the exclusive BVLGARI Aluminum Gran Turismo Limited Model will receive an exclusive code. This code unlocks the BVLGARI Aluminum Vision Gran Turismo car within Gran Turismo 7.

Vision Gran Turismo is a project in which the world’s leading automotive brands design new sports cars for Gran Turismo players. For more information on Vision Gran Turismo, visit the Vision Gran Turismo page on the official website.