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Gran Turismo® 7

Celebrating the Release of Gran Turismo 7 With a New Opening Movie!

We are excited to announce the release of Gran Turismo 7 on PlayStation®5 console and PlayStation®4 system! To celebrate this occasion, we are providing the GT7 opening movie for fans to enjoy. And, there's also a special message from Series Producer, Kazunori Yamauchi regarding the latest title in the series and the production of this video.

We hope you enjoy the game as much as we've enjoyed making it!

Message from Gran Turismo Series Producer Kazunori Yamauchi on GT7 Opening Movie

Thank you all for your patience.

We are very happy to deliver our latest title, Gran Turismo 7, to you all.

GT7 is a title that packs all the elements expected by long-time fans of the series, while also making an effort to convey the profound and alluring car culture, even to those who have no knowledge about cars or don't drive.

With this 7-minute long movie, we wanted to paint a picture that could summarise the history of the relationship between cars, people, and society over the last 150 years. The intro features a brief history of automotive, starting from the very first proposal by Carl Benz to the latest EV, the Porsche Taycan.

Cars are mysterious objects that have been fascinating people for over a century since their birth, and I hope that you will be able to feel something from watching this movie that can expand your imagination. For reference, below you can find a list of events in chronological order included in this intro.

GT7 will receive regular updates adding more content and features. My hope is that GT7 will continue to be at your side, and that it will enrich everyone’s lives.

Now, please enjoy GT7.

Kazunori Yamauchi

GT7 Opening Movie - List of Historical Events

1886 Carl Benz: Patent Motorwagen1886
1886 Daimler / Maybach: Motor Carriage
1889 The 4th Exposition Universelle world fair held in Paris
1895 Paris-Bordeux 1200 km race, the victory of a gasoline-powered car
1895 André Michelin, Édouard Michelin: Air filled rubber tires
1898 Birth of Bibendum / Michelin man
1899 The 'La Jamais Contente' electric racing car records 100km/h (on Michelin tyres)
1899 Release of Renault’s first car, the Voiturette Type A
1900 Paris exposition
1900 Michelin Guide established
1903 First manned flight by the Wright brothers
1905 Albert Einstein's 'Theory of Special Relativity'
1906 Rolls-Royce 40/50HP is announced
1907 Anna Pavlova dances the Dying Swan
1907 The Rolls-Royce 40-50 six-cylinder announcement
1908 Model T Ford is announced. Beginning of the Fordism concept.
1909 Indianapolis Speedway opens
1909 Ferdinand von Zeppelin sets a flight record of 1000 km in 38 hours
1910 Michelin installs road signs regarding road safety in 30,000 locations in France
1911 The first hosting of the INDY 500
1912 Sinking of the Titanic
1913 Ford (Fordism)
1914 World’s first commercial wireless telephone from New York to Philadelphia
1914 Charlie Chaplin ‘Caught in a Cabaret’
1916 Pikes Peak's first race to the clouds
1920 - 1960 Car Culture & People
1922 Monza opens
1923 The first hosting of the Le Mans 24 Hour Race
1926 Roald Amundsen reaches the North Pole
1926 Rudolf Caracciola wins the German GP (with a Porsche-designed Mercedes 8 cylinder engine)
1927 Opening of the Nürburgring Nordschleife
1957 Rotary Engine
1959 VW Beetle Production
1960 Porsche LeMans start
1959 Mini Cooper production
1960 - 1980 Car Culture & People
1969 Landing on the moon
1970 First Mercedes car, completely developed on a computer
1980 - 2017 Motorsport scenes
2020 Porsche Taycan production