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Gran Turismo Sport Tracks List

as of 18 December 2019

WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca

Total Length : 3,602m
Total elevation difference : 55m
No. of Turns : 11
Longest straight : 453m

WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca is a race circuit situated 100 kilometres south of San Jose in the heart of Silicon Valley in Northern California, United States. A technical circuit made up of mid-low speed corners, it is encircled by desert so grip can be an issue as the surrounding sand often blows onto the track. Therefore, drivers need to be able to maintain precise control over their speed at all times as any errors in estimation will result in them going off track or crashing. Its dynamic elevation changes are shaped by the landscape and are a signature of the circuit, with the famed 15-meter downhill-plunging 'Corkscrew' its highlight. Laguna Seca is a circuit that offers thrilling racing not seen elsewhere.

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

Total Length : 7,004m
Total elevation difference : 104m
No. of Turns : 21
Longest straight : 751.84m

Spa-Francorchamps is located 40km Southeast of Liège, Eastern Belgium's industrial city. This is a high speed technical circuit that has hosted everything from F1 to endurance races over the years, and the 7+km long track utilizes the mountainous environment of its location for its many ups and downs. For this reason the track is the very definition of dynamic, including many famous turns such as the high speed uphill corner 'Eau Rouge', the ultra high speed left hand 'Blanchimont', and the 'Bus Stop' chicane has been the scene of many famous battles. The track is praised by many racing drivers for being one of the most challenging in the world.

Rain Conditions

Goodwood Motor Circuit

Total Length : 3,809m
Total elevation difference : 10m
No. of Turns : 7
Longest straight : 514m

Located in the suburbs of Chichester in Southern England, Goodwood Motor Circuit is a historic racing course that has played host to many illustrious racing drivers. The course encapsulates the Chichester/Goodwood Airport, and unlike many modern circuits, is surrounded by idyllic scenery. The course is notable as a high-speed course, featuring a number of mid and high-speed corners. With its high full-throttle percentage and a good mix of elevation changes, this course is sure to see some truly thrilling racing action.


Total Length : 4,674m
Total elevation difference : 52m
No. of Turns : 18
Longest straight : 902m

The 'AUTOPOLIS' is a notable race track located in the middle of a mountain range in the Oita Prefecture of Kyushu, the southwestern island of Japan. It is known for its challenging layout, and while sector 1 is a simple high speed section, complex consecutive corners of all speed ranges await the driver in sectors 2 and 3. With a maximum upward slope of 7.2% and 10% downward, there are plenty of ups and downs on this track, and driving a full lap without a mistake requires high concentration. In addition to the International Racing Course layout, a Short Cut Course that makes Turn 10 the final corner has also been included.

2 layouts

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya Grand Prix Layout

Total Length : 4,655m
Total elevation difference : 30m
No. of Turns : 16
Longest straight : 1047m

The Catalunya Circuit opened in September 1991, in line with the hosting of the Barcelona Olympics, and is located approximately 30km north of Barcelona, Spain. This is one of Spains leading race tracks where a variety of races including the F1 Spain Grand Prix is hosted. With a long straight and a large variety of corners, the setting of the car can greatly affect the lap times. For this reason it is often used as a test track. The braking into turn 1 from the slightly descending home straight is a great spot for overtaking.

1 layouts

Fuji Speedway

Total Length : 4,563m
Total elevation difference : 40m
No. of Turns : 16
Longest straight : 1475m

This is Japan's famed high speed circuit at the foot of the grand Mt. Fuji. Since its opening in 1961, many big events have been hosted here, and a countless number of famous battles have taken place on its tarmac. Following Fuji's famed 1.5km long straight, the first half is a high speed section combining mid to high speed corners, and the latter half is a technical section on an incline. Because the characteristics of the track is very different from its first half to the latter half, the set up of the car is also very important here. In addition to the Fuji Speedway F layout that is used in many races, the Fuji Speedway GT shortcut layout has also been included.

2 layouts

Red Bull Ring

Total Length : 4,318m
Total elevation difference : 65.45m
No. of Turns : 10
Longest straight : 939m

This green circuit is located Northwest of Graz, an old city in Austria. Based on the Österreichring first constructed in 1969, it was also called the A1 Ring from 1997 to 2010. This is a high speed circuit combining sharp tight corners and long flat out sections, and while the course layout appears simple, the circuit is located in a hilly area creating large ascents and descents. This makes the track much more difficult than it seems at first glance. The skill of the driver will greatly affect the lap times on this track. The full track as well as the short version has been included.

2 layouts
Rain Conditions

Circuit de la Sarthe

Total Length : 13,629m
Total elevation difference : 37.3m
No. of Turns : 38
Longest straight : 1,679m

This is a circuit located in the City of Le Mans in Western France. It is famous as the host circuit for what is considered one of the 3 greatest races in the world, the Le Mans 24 Hour Race. Since its opening in 1923, the circuit has been the stage for many famous battles throughout the years. It also happens to be one of the highest paced tracks in the world, truly putting the aerodynamics of racing machines to the test. In addition to the modern layout including a chicane with a total length of 13.6km, the old chicaneless layout is also included. Experience the battle of aerodynamic performance on the original 5.7km straight.

2 layouts

Tsukuba Circuit

Total Length : 2,045m
Total elevation difference : 5.3m
No. of Turns : 8
Longest straight : 445m

This popular circuit in Japan is located in Shimotsuma city of the Ibaraki prefecture, and is one of the closest tracks to Tokyo. The track is fairly compact at 2.045m, but combines a variety of large and small corners, and the technical layout is a favorite amongst drivers. Since its opening in 1970, it has been the stage for many big events such as the All Japan Touring Car Championships, and is well known as a benchmark circuit used by automotive media.

Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Chicane layout : Total Length : 5,793m
Total elevation difference : 13.5m
No. of Turns : 11
Longest straight : 938m

A famed circuit located in the beautiful green National Monza Park, on the outskirts of Milano in Northern Italy. Completed in 1922, this is the 3rd oldest circuit in the world after Brooklands and Indianapolis. While it originally incorporated a high banked oval section, today it is a high speed track with a combination of chicanes and consecutive corners, connected by a long straight. 2 layouts with and without the chicane has been included to provide an intense high speed driving experience for the players.

2 layouts

Autódromo De Interlagos

Total Length : 4,309m
Total elevation difference : 44m
No. of Turns : 15
Longest straight : 589m

The premier circuit of Brazil in South America, loved by the legendary driver Ayrton Senna. Of the group of tracks used in Formula 1, this is a rare counterclockwise track. It has a mix of long high G corners, as well as a tight infield section. Because you need both the stability for the high speed corners and the turning performance for the low speed corners, it is a tough track for drivers. This is a track where your skill improvements will clearly show in your lap times.


24h layout : Total Length : 25,378m
Total elevation difference : 300m
No. of Turns : 89
Longest straight : 2,135m

Over 20km in length, with an elevation variation of 300m, the depths of its complex surfaces become more and more overwhelming as a driver really gets to know the track. This track is renowned as the most grueling circuit in the world. It is possible to enjoy the ‘Nordschleife’, the stage for many famous matches in history, and the ‘24h’ layout used in the Nürburgring 24 hour race. In addition to daylight conditions that shows the beautiful green forest surrounding the track, there is also a recreation of conditions at night.

3 layouts

Willow Springs International Raceway

Big Willow : Total Length : 3,951m
Total elevation difference : 50m
No. of Turns : 10
Longest straight : 756m

This is a popular American circuit with over 60 years of history. This famous track that has been the host for CART racing in the past is still a hot spot for amateur racing today. In addition to the main Big Willow layout, we have also included the technical Streets of Big Willow Springs, and the short Horse Thief Mile. We hope you enjoy the 3 very different tracks.

5 layouts

Brands Hatch

Grand Prix Circuit : Total Length : 3,946m
Total elevation difference : 35m
No. of Turns : 9
Longest straight : 475m

In the past this circuit located in Kent of England has been the stage for the Formula 1, and today it is known to host touring car races and the British F3 Championships. The beautiful track that cuts into a forest is known for its steep ups and downs, but because the structures of the corners are relatively simple, it is enjoyable for both beginner and expert drivers. In addition to the full GP course, the Indy circuit layout that short cuts the middle section is included.

2 layouts

Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit

Total Length : 6,213m
Total elevation difference : 174m
No. of Turns : 23
Longest straight : 1,916m

This is the premier circuit of Australia, that is the stage of big events such as the Bathurst 12 hour race. The beginning and last sections consist of long straights, but the midsection running over the hill is a very technical section with steep ascents and descents as well as a series of blind corners. The great contrast between these sections is the allure of the Mount Panorama Circuit. Take your time to truly master the tricky layout.

Suzuka Circuit

Total Length : 5,807m
Total elevation difference : 40m
No. of Turns : 20
Longest straight : 1,200m

This famous circuit that has been the stage for many memorable moments in racing was actually built before there were highways in Japan. It is one of the very few circuits in the world with a figure 8 layout with an overpass. With many unique corners on the track, it is one of the favorite tracks for many top drivers around the world. In addition to the 5.8km full course, we have included the East Course; a short course consisting of the first half of the track.

2 layouts

Sardegna - Road Track

Total Length : 5,113m
Total elevation difference : 38m
No. of Turns : 15
Longest straight : 915m

A new road course has been added featuring the island of Sardegna, one of a number of Italian resorts surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Using closed off sections of public roads, this is a high-speed technical street course that features both long full-throttle straights and tight corners. In particular, the ups and downs of the latter half of the course and the diminishing road width allow for some real high-stakes, up to the guard rail racing. Along with ‘Sardegna - Road Track ‒ A’, the longest of the three, the 3,893m ‘B’, and 2,661m ‘C’ layouts are also included.

6 layouts

Special Stage Route X

Total Length : 30,283m
Total elevation difference : 65m
No. of Turns : 2
Longest straight : 12,000m

The 'Special Stage Route X', a 30km-long oval track well-known from the licence tests and high-speed races of past editions of Gran Turismo, makes a comeback. With a simple layout consisting of two 12 km straights and two banked corners, it is possible to enjoy top speed challenges and extreme high-speed battles by taking advantage of the slip streams.

1 layouts

Sainte-Croix Circuit

Sainte-Croix Circuit A : Total Length : 9,477m
Total elevation difference : 44m
No. of Turns : 19
Longest straight : 915m

This is an original track themed on the Sainte-Croix lake, which actually exists in the Provence region of Southern France. The long 10km course has various branches, and it is possible to select from 3 different layouts labeled A, B, and C respectively. The track contains corners comprised of geometric shapes such as 90 degree and radial corners. There is also a reverse layout to each.

6 layouts

Kyoto Driving Park

Yamagiwa : Total Length : 4,912m
Total elevation difference : 38.6m
No. of Turns : 15
Longest straight : 743m

Kyoto is an ancient city in Japan that has been the center of politics and culture, and this driving park is staged in the mountains on its outskirts. There are three stages available, including a full road course named “Yamagiwa”, a track day course “Miyabi”, and a layout that combines both in the “Yamagiwa + Miyabi”. The track is full of traditional Japanese decorations, from the pit area built in wood and the Japanese patterns on the course sides, as well as the stone surfaces of the track and its bamboo walls.

5 layouts

Tokyo Expressway

Central Outer Loop : Total Length : 7,301m
Total elevation difference : 32m
No. of Turns : 13
Longest straight : 2,000m

This is a track made in the image of the Metropolitan Expressway in Tokyo, recreating the atmosphere of the highway weaving between the skyscrapers built during the era of economic boom in Japan. In addition to the 'Central Outer Loop' and 'Central Inner Loop' in the city centre, there are also the over 7km long ‘East Outer Loop' and 'East Inner Loop' where you can enjoy urban driving under night conditions in a city illuminated by lights. Furthermore, two new 'South Route' layouts have been added, based on the existing Shuto Expressway of Tokyo: the 'South Outer Loop' layout which contains a variety of corners including hairpins and chicanes, and the 'South Inner Loop' layout that passes through a shipping container terminal.

6 layouts
Rain Conditions

Dragon Trail

Seaside : Total Length : 5,209m
Total elevation difference : 38m
No. of Turns : 18
Longest straight : 653m

Staged in the Dalmatia region of Croatia in Eastern Europe, this is a road course surrounded by the azure blue Adriatic Sea and a steep mountainside. The track is triangular with 3 sharp points, with a rich variation of sections including ascents, descents, and a flat section along the seaside. The nature unique to the Dalmatia region with its jagged coastline, the variety of plant life such as olives, pine, and palm trees are another notable part of the track.

4 layouts

Autodromo Lago Maggiore

Total Length : 5,809m
Total elevation difference : 74m
No. of Turns : 17
Longest straight : 800m

This is a beautiful circuit staged near Lake Maggiore in Northern Italy, surrounded by the European Alps. A technical course of approximately 5.8km in length with many unique corners, combined with ascents and descents created by the hilly geography. The straight has an elevation change of 40m, and there is a 20 degree banked hairpin at the end of the hill, creating a driving experience like nowhere else. In addition to the full course, there are 3 short cut tracks including the “Central Layout”, “East Layout” and “West Layout”.

8 layouts

Northern Isle Speedway

Total Length : 900m
Total elevation difference : 0m
No. of Turns : 4
Longest straight : 134m

This is a half mile (approx. 900m) short oval popular in American motorsports. The high bank up to 31 degrees plus the 16m wide track makes it possible to crate 2 wide and 3 wide lines around the track. The notable features on the track include the massive grandstands for containing the spectators and the modern pit facilities. In addition to daylight conditions there is also a rendition under night conditions, where you can see the track beautifully illumined by lights.

Blue Moon Bay Speedway

Total Length : 3,200m
Total elevation difference : 0m
No. of Turns : 3
Longest straight : 1,060m

Staged on an American bay area with palm trees reaching for the sky, this is a modern oval track with a resort hotel and an airport nearby. The track is in a tri-oval layout with 3 turns and 3 straights, with a total length of roughly 2 miles. The 3 turns all have different radiuses and bank angles, giving it a degree of freedom similar to a road course when driving.Also, 2 variations of Infield A and Infield B are provided, connecting an infield area to a part of the oval.

6 layouts

Broad Bean Raceway

Total Length : 1,665m
Total elevation difference : 0m
No. of Turns : 5
Longest straight : 386m

This is an oval track created within a massive sports complex in a major city of Japan. A typical oval track is elliptical in shape, but this is a slightly different layout with an additional corner in the straight. This feature makes the track look like a broad bean, for which the track was named. This track will have more interaction between the cars at the braking points compared to your standard oval.

2 layouts


Village : Total Length : 5,423m
Total elevation difference : 57.3m
No. of Turns : 15
Longest straight : 450m

The Alsace region of France has a unique history. This is a half public road circuit driving around the perimeter of a small town in the region. The track staged on a beautiful hill located along the Rhine River has a total length of 5.4km. This is a high speed track consisting of mostly mid to high speed corners, but there is a variety of ups and downs, giving you a dynamic change in scenery as you drive. The scenery along the course side decorated by a deep green and beautiful flowers is another allure of the track.

2 layouts

Fishermans Ranch

Total Length : 6,893m
Total elevation difference : 145m
No. of Turns : 40
Longest straight : 434m

This is a dirt track staged in a dry region extending from the south of the Rocky Mountains in North America down towards Mexico. The 7km track that winds between cactus plants and shrubs has many corners small and large, together with steep ups and downs as well as big jumping spots. Use both the throttle and brakes to control your car on the dirt surface.

2 layouts


Windmills : Total Length : 3,310m
Total elevation difference : 75m
No. of Turns : 12
Longest straight : 298m

This is a dirt track staged on Sardegna Island of Italy, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. The track is named after the power generating windmills towering on the course sides, and is a high speed track decorated with Olive trees and Italian stone pines. Once you have descended the fast downhill section, the track then changes to an upward climb. Enjoy the thrill of driving a dirt track.

2 layouts

Colorado Springs

Lake : Total Length : 2,990m
Total elevation difference : 15m
No. of Turns : 18
Longest straight : 177m

Colorado Springs is a town in Colorado of the United States, also known as the home of the ‘Pikes Peak’ hill climb race. This is a dirt track staged along the banks of the large lake in this town surrounded by rich nature. The roughly 3km track is flat dirt almost all the way around, but there are large crests that will make the cars launch off of the ground, making it important to control your jumps in order to win. Enjoy the exciting drive on dirt, with a beautiful green background of conifers and hardwoods.

2 layouts

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